After teaching and training consultants, engineers and other professionals in different disciplines for over three decades, at Multisense we have learned that the highest value we can add to our courses is to orient them according to the professional environment in which our students will implement what they learn with us.

Therefore, our teaching methodology has a strong component of cultural aspects and business knowledge which provides our students with a valuable tool meanwhile learning the language. As students learn our economic history and the insights of the most prominent Spanish corporations, they get the specific vocabulary for the different industries.

Part of that insight includes visiting some of those companies and getting an insight from their executives in brief seminars. The students can interact with them and share views since prior to the visit they have learnt their business model and market results.

Regarding the language teaching methodology, we divide each course into grammar and conversation. The students practice both in groups and individually the four main skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing.

The number of teaching hours per day depends on the program, which is costumed according to the profile of the group.