At Multisense we offer our students two types of accommodation: apartments and families.

Apartments can be shared with peers or rented individually. They are close to our center (10 to 20 minutes walking or subway/bus) and count on basic facilities as internet, TV or AC, as well as a kitchen. However, we strongly believe at Multisense that staying with a local family enhances the experience of the student and tops the immersion in the Spanish language and culture.

Living with a family is a great opportunity to improve the level of Spanish quickly, as families are preselected for their willingness to interact and contribute to the student’s learning process. Our experience tells us that this is the best way to improve the language as quickly as possible.

In a family the student lives as a member, participates in meals, family gatherings and constantly practices Spanish. Many students create strong links with their hosting families and this relation last through time.

We strongly recommend families for students who stay less than three months. From experience we know that it improves faster their level of Spanish.
All families live within 20 minutes walking or subway/bus from our center.

Students who choose this option have their own room and house keys so they can come and go more or less at will.