About Us

Grupo Sense, formed over 30 years ago and to which Multisense España belongs, has continually provided its clients with services in computing and in other areas and health and technology.
Grupo Sense has also provided language training and education for thousands of students in the fields for which they offer services.

Over its three decades, Multisense has provided the necessary training and preparation for thousands of professionals who now occupy positions of great responsibility. We continue to call on this network of former clients and current professionals in developing opportunities for the next generation in education, internships, technology, consulting, clinical trials, etc.

Multisense provided the most important Spanish companies with computing systems acting as IBM Business Partner for decades . While organized in Spain, Grupo Sense has always maintained a global perspective and has clients and programs in France, Italy, Portugal, Argentina and other countries.

An innovative partner in the use of technology for enhancing capacity, Multisense was one of the first companies in the world to offer on-line teaching providing classes in technology to students in over 30 countries all over the world.
We offer our business and educational experience to students who wish to learn Spanish and become professionals within their chosen fields, be it in business, in the health industry, arts or any others.

We are professionals dedicated to training future professionals.